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Trade, Commercial and Company Law

A brief summary of the topics in which we can assist: 

  • Draft of national and international Contracts, Draft of contracts of sale of personal and real estate property 
  • Negotiation and business management
  • Mergers and Acquisitions. Due diligence procedures
  • Commercial arbitration
  • Transfer or transmission of rights 
  • Advise in operations off-shore
  • Company law: Incorporation of commercial companies, filial or branch. We identify your corporate needs according to your entrepreneurial plans. We analyze, prepare and draft the articles of incorporation and statutory documents. Likewise, we elaborate Minutes of the Shareholders' Meetings, which reflect the events happening during the existence of a company, such as, modifications in the By-laws, the increment of the capital, the incorporation of new shareholders, sale of shares, capitalization of obligations, purchase or sale of property and real estate, for just mentioning a few.
  • Models of Contracts: Employment Contracts, Construction and engineering Contracts, Services Agreements, Usufruct Agreements, Real estates’ purchases, rent and sales Agreements, Power of attorney, Articles of incorporation and By-laws, Draft of Ordinaries and Extraordinary Shareholders Meetings, Contracts to buy company’s shares, Divorce agreements, Agreement to keep the separation of personal property after marriage, Technology Transfers Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Licenses, Terms and Conditions of Use of a Website or Platform, Agencies and Distribution Agreements, Memorandum of Understanding or Letters of Intent, and Wills.
  • Legal aspects of electronic commerce: We advise and take part in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of regional and national information society policies, ICTs, etc. We are very much interested in the legal aspects of the electronic commerce, electronic contracting, electronic signatures, secured electronic transactions using encryption technology generated by digital certificates issued by accredited certification authorities. We work routinely comparing laws of different jurisdictions as well as international legal instruments on private data protection consumers protection in online purchases, the applicable law, the applicable jurisdiction and other aspects of electronic transactions. We are particularly interested in using the blockchain technology of concluding smart contract within an environment where the identity of the parties has been trusted by a third party (Certification Authority or Accredited entity applying PKI encryption technology).Likewise, we are interested in models or processes where universities, employers (public/private sectors) the world-over could be interconnected for the verification of trusted university diplomas of employment or contract applicants.
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