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  • Family Law: We provide assistance in the fulfillment of the formalities that precede the celebration of a marriage. We work of agreements for the separation of the married couple and goods. We advise on the cause to file for divorce, on the distribution of goods, the guard of the children, the visits, the monthly allowance.
  • Succession Law: we regularize the patrimonial situation with or without testament of a succession or donation. We analyze which applicable of law would be of preferable use, We assist in drafting testaments. We assist you in donating to your descendants while you are alive (Tax benefits).
  • Labor Law: Conflicts can always be solved through negotiation seeking always to support the well-being of the relationship among employers and workers. We advise our clients in the interpretation of the scope and content of the constitutional, legal and regulatory provisions that govern any working relation (Individual and Collective Contracting for branch of industry).
  • Migration Law: we analyze whether a person can acquire a nationality based on the origins of their ancestors, and on the legal formalities stipulated by the country where the application is to be submitted. We also study whether the person complies with all the requirements for applying for naturalization. We inform you what are the requirements for immigrating (visa, passport, insurance requirements, health examination, financial requirements,…). We could analyze the national Asylum Law and international conventions within a particular case.
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